Kimessa Carbon Monoxide CO Gas Detector

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The gas measuring transmitter KSEC504 is used to monitor carbon monoxide CO in the air in the ppm measuring range.

The gas measuring transmitter is designed for underground garages and tunnels. The Kimessa CAN bus output signal is linear and temperature compensated.

The gas measuring transmitter is calibrated ex works to the standard measuring range of 250/300 ppm. The calibration protocol is included. Other measuring ranges are available.

The potentiometers and the measuring device connection for the calibration are accessible from the outside, it is not necessary to open the transmitter.

Housing is made of rustproof and acid-proof steel. Degree of protection IP 65.

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  • The gas detector measures the selected gas concentration
  • The gas detector is part of the digital KIMESSA CANline BUS-Network which is designed for up to 128 gas detectors and alarming units
  • linearized and temperature-compensated digital CANline BUS output signal
  • 16…30 VDC supply voltage (4-wire cable)
  • various gas sensor technologies available (electrochemical, Infrared, pellistor, semiconductor)
  • factory calibration with calibration certificate to the specified measuring range
  • Zero & Span potentiometers and calibration jack socket accessible from outside without opening the gas detector enclosure
  • water- and dust-proof IP 65 enclosure
  • rust-proof and acid-resitant steel enclosure
  • Swiss-Made


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