Artsound Stereo / Dual 6.5″ Speaker

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Concealed Ceiling Installation

This loudspeaker belongs to the Artsound Basic series which sets itself apart thanks to its excellent value for money. This round in-wall loudspeaker produces a full stereo sound all by itself. It was specially designed for more confined spaces (waiting room, toilet, small hall, etc). This world-class unit owes its special qualities to the built-in woofer, filter, four contacts and double tweeters.

Perfect match for CasaTunes

It is the perfect complement for your CasaTunes Multi-Room Music System.

Included in box: 1 speaker

Optional Items:

You may add the following items to complete your order:

  • Multi-Room Music System
  • Wireless Speakers
  • AirPlay Speakers
  • CasaTunes Keypads

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