Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8

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Beolab 8 a compact and powerful as a surround, stereo, or standalone speaker.

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Beolab 8

Compact and powerful as a surround, stereo, or standalone speaker, Beolab 8 adapts to your space, offers versatile connections, and elevates your audio experience through advanced acoustics, materials, and stand options. Discover true adaptability. Beolab 8 is the embodiment of versatility. Exquisite looks and replaceable parts give you form and function for any point in your life. Beolab 8 stands wherever you need it to: walls, floors, ceilings, tables. And it soars with powerful, detailed high-def sound. This is a speaker of all trades, without any trade-offs.

A surround sound powerhouse

Home Cinema? Beolab 8 slots seamlessly into your current set up as a surround powerhouse. It connects with your TV and speakers using Powerlink or Wireless Powerlink.

A stirring stereo experience

Left meets right: two Beolab 8s deliver a more stunning soundstage. They’ll work in concert to fill the room. So you can immerse yourself in precise, powerful stereo sound.

A standalone masterpiece

Hear it perform in harmony. Have it fly solo. Either way, the sound soars. Beolab 8 is a speaker that stands apart – but it also bands together.

Decades of design. Distilled

Beolab 8 is an all-out effort in effortless design. On top, an intuitive glass interface reacts to your fingertips. At the base, it nestles into a single piece of flowing aluminium – shaped in our fabled Factory 5.

Enjoy all the power and pedigree of a Beolab speaker, anywhere in your home. A three-driver set up delivers detail and depth. The bass hits you with an intensity you wouldn’t expect from a speaker the size of a sheet of paper. And it doesn’t just have surprising brawn. It’s got the brains to match.

With our Mozart platform at its heart, Beolab 8 can connect easily through WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3. And it can stream just about anything. The platforms you love now. And the ones you’ll love in the future. It has the power to process and play them all.

Recommended Room Size

10-60 m²
100-600 ft²

Speaker Configuration
1 x 0.6″ tweeter
1 x 3″ mid-range
1 x 5 ¼” woofer

1 x 50 W class D for tweeter
1 x 50 W class D for mid-range
1 x 200 W class D for woofer

Frequency Range
28-23.000 Hz

Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m
104 dB SPL

Bass Capability
90 dB SPL

Stereo Pairing
Pair two Beolab 8 to enjoy a stereo listening experience. With a stereo pairing, you can setup your Beolab 8 to play the left and right channel for an even more immersive sound.

Advanced Sound Features
Active Room Compensation
Fluid Sweet Spot (expected early 2024)
Beam Width Control
Adaptive Bass Linearization
Thermal Protection

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