Bentel Ceiling Mount 360° PIR Detector

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Designed for applications which require high sensitivity and cover, such as rooms with large amounts of view restricting furniture. The IRM360 utilizes a fresnell lens for 360° cover to deliver the maximum in IR motion detection. Provides excellent RF immunity and guarantees years of trouble- free operation.

• Digital signal analysis for consistent detection throughout the coverage pattern

• Temperature compensation for improved performance at critical temperatures

• Multilevel signal processing for accurate detection of human IR over a broad range of temperatures

• Sensitivity adjustement to configure the detector for normal or hostile enviroments • Excellent RF immunity

• Exceptional white light immunity

• Operating voltage 9,5 ÷ 14 Vdc

• Standby current: 15 mA

• Protection Class: IP50

• Size (wxhxd): 115x115x25 mm

• Weight: 91 gr


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