Bentel Photo Optical Smoke Detector

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Bentel Photo Optical Smoke Detector 601P is capable of detecting the visible smoke produced by materials which smoulder or burn slowly (i.e. soft furnishings, plastic foam, etc) or smoke produced by overheated but unburnt PVC.

Bentel Photo Optical Smoke Detector is particularly suitable for general applications and areas. Optical only detectors are not suitable for detecting fast burning fires producing little visible smoke or very black smoke. The novel design of the asymmetrical sampling chamber and signal processing techniques stop unwanted alarms caused by very small insects, i.e. thrips. Smoke entering the sampling chamber scatters the infra-red light pulses onto a photodiode. These pulses are converted to an electrical signal which is compared against a preset alarm level.

The detector is supplied complete with a mounting relay base (not shown in photo).

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