Clipsal C-Bus 360° Occupancy / Light Sensor (Indoor Use), Surface Mount

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The surface-mounted occupancy detector uses Passive Infrared (PIR) sensing to accurately detect occupancy. The unit issues commands over the C-Bus network to control output devices such as dimmers or relays.

With a 360° field of view and coverage range of 7.6 metres when mounted 2.7m above the floor, the 5754ODPE detector is ideal for offices, conference rooms, corridors and hallways.

The detector incorporates an ambient light level sensor that allows different behaviour in dark and light conditions. The light level required to change from light to dark is adjustable and can be set at a level that ranges from full daylight to almost complete darkness.

The detector readily mounts on solid surfaces such as masonry or wood. A single twisted pair connection provides both the C-Bus network interface and power for the detector.

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Clipsal by Schneider Electric