Clipsal C-Bus 4-Channel Dimmer (without Power Supply)

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The L5504D2UP Series unit is C-Bus dimmer device designed to be mounted in electrical switchboards or similar enclosures. For ease of installation, it is DIN rail mounted, measuring 12 DIN modules wide.

The L5504D2UP contains four independently isolated two-wire dimmer channels with an Active and Load terminal. Each channel automatically selects the appropriate phase control operating mode to suit its load:

  • Trailing edge for incandescent and capacitive input electronic transformer based LV lighting.
  • Leading edge for iron-core transformer based LV or neon lighting and other inductive load types such as fan motors.

Each channel may be wired to any mains voltage phase in multi-phase supply installations. The L5504D2UP does not have a C-Bus power supply, but consumes no current from the C-Bus network during
normal operation.

Local toggle buttons are provided on each unit to allow individual channels to be switched locally (overriding the current C-Bus state). Remote ON and OFF facilities are available, permitting all channels to be turned on or off without C-Bus network communication. These units isolate mains power from the extra low voltage C-Bus network.

Up to 100 units without power supply and 10 units with power supply are permitted on any one single C-Bus network (255 networks available in a C-Bus installation).

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