Clipsal C-Bus Occupancy Sensor (Indoor Use)

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The 5751L C-Bus PIR Occupancy Sensor is a passive infrared device used to detect the movement of body heat. When installed as part of a C-Bus system the unit can activate lights or other electrical appliances whenever someone enters its detection field.

The 5751L uses an adjustable timer that determines for how long devices are activated. An ambient light sensor enables the unit to perform differently in light or dark conditions. The combination of timer and light sensor means the unit can activate lights for a specific period of time whenever it gets dark (at sunset).

The 5751L C-Bus PIR Occupancy Sensor may be mounted on a ceiling or wall. The best location is in a corner of a room on the ceiling.

The range of all PIR detectors varies with the ambient temperature and the type of clothing worn. Rapid and large changes in temperature are typically detected at greater distances. When mounted 2.4 m from the floor, the 5751L has a detection field of approximately 6 × 6 m and a range of up to 8.5 m from the sensor head.

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