Clipsal C-Bus Wall Switch, Saturn Style, 2 Button

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The Clipsal Saturn Glass Wall switch has two buttons. Each button is capable of being programmed to achieve a specific function, including toggle on/off, toggle up/down (for electric curtains/roller shutters), scenes, dimming, activation of timers and many other customisable options.

The Clipsal Saturn Glass Wall switch connects directly to C-Bus via the Cat-5 twisted pair network and are powered via this connection. In the event of power failure, non-volatile memory retains all programmed information relating to each unit’s operating state. It is fully compatible with all existing C-Bus units, such as C-Bus wall switches, touch screens and dimmers, and can be used to replace existing C-Bus switches, as well as being included in new C-Bus installations.

Clipsal’s C-Bus Wall switches can control any combination of C-Bus output devices, including C-Bus Relays and Dimmers.

The switch is available in White Glass Colour.

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