Cytech C-BUS TO KNX Translator

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To convert between CBUS and KNX signals so as to allow both Bus system devices to be installed in a single system.

Main Features: 

  • Converts telegrams from KNX to C-Bus and vice versa
  • Allows C-Bus and KNX devices to coexist on the same system, thus allowing the widest choice of Relays and Dimmers from both Bus Systems
  • Use a Cbus switch to dim KNX dimmers and vice versa
  • Allows Schneider’s Wiser to control both CBUS and KNX devices
  • PCB Module converts C-Bus to KNX and vice versal
  • Dimensions of PCB 108 x 88 mm weight 150 grams
  • C-BUS Applications Supported – Lighting, Trigger, Security, Clocks and Timekeeping, Zones, Custom
  • KNX Telegram types supported – 1-bit, 4-bit, 1 byte (scaling), 2 bytes (Floating Point), Time, Date
  • Up to 3000 Group Addresses can be mapped from one Bus to the other
  • Power Supply required: 5V DC 0.8 Amps (Not Included)
  • Built-in USB Interface for programing
  • Bus Translator Software for configuration
  • PCB Dimensions: 108x88mm

Optional Items:

You may add the following items to complete your order:

  • Power Supply
  • Metal Cabinet
  • UCM Ethernet Module which can be used with Comfigurator for upload/download and with the Comfort Smart Phone Apps on iOS and Android 
  • Local & Remote Expansion Modules

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