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The Cytech Comfort GSM Module (UCM/GSM) provides a cellular network connection to Comfort. This gives Comfort the following abilities:

  • Acts as a backup for alarm dialout when the land line is faulty or cut. Alternately, it can be used as the primary dialler without a fixed telephone line, for installations where a telephone line is not available
  • Allows the user to dial to the GSM number instead of the fixed telephone line to access Comfort menus
  • Allows Comfort to report alarms to the users mobile phones via SMS (Short Message Service). The SMS message will show time stamp, alarm type and Zone or User name.
  • Allows authorised Mobile phones to send commands to control or check the status of appliances and the security system via SMS. Each Phone can be independently authorised to arm, disarm, and access automation control.

In order for the UCM/GSM to be used, there must be a GSM network in the area. The UCM/GSM operates on quad-band frequency i.e. 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. The UCM/GSM requires a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to be inserted, just like with a cellular phone. This can be a prepaid card, or one which is billed monthly according to a usage plan.

Optional Items:

You may add the following items to complete your order:

  • Cytech Comfort Security & Home Automation Control Panel
  • Cytech Comfort Keypads
  • UCM Ethernet Module which can be used with Comfigurator for upload/download and with the Comfort Smart Phone Apps on iOS and Android 
  • Local & Remote Expansion Modules
  • Comfort Doorphone
  • Security and Fire Alarm Sensors
  • External Siren
  • Security Cable

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