Cytech Comfort IR Transmitter (Set of 2 pieces)

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The Cytech Comfort IR Transmitter (IRM01) connects to Comfort Control Panel or to a RIO module and sends infrared signals to devices that accept infra red signals (e.g. air conditioners, TVs, Audio & Video Equipment, etc). 

The IRM01 is meant for longer range infrared transmission up to 8 meters range for line of sight. It is suitable to controlling multiple devices within its angle of sight and range. This includes a 100 ohms series resistor and a series resettable fuse protection against overcurrent. Do not permanently turn on the output connected to the IRM01, otherwise the infrared led may be damaged, or the life may be reduced. Only infrared signals should be used with the output.


A UCM/USB or UCM/ETH module and the Comfigurator software is required to capture (learn) the infra red codes from the devices’ remote controls and save them in Comfort Control Panel memory.

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