Cytech Logic Engine

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The Logic Engine is an Automation Controller without the alarm functions of Comfort Alarm & Home Automation.

Main Features: 

  • 8 inputs, 8 outputs expandable to 216 inputs, 216 outputs
  • 32 Time Programs
  • 1024 Responses which can be programmed including conditional If/Then commands
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times with automatic daylight saving time changes
  • Able to send 250 IR Codes
  • Works with all the UCMs, eg KNX, C-Bus, Ethernet, USB, RS232, Universal, Z-Wave etc
  • Includes power supply, excludes cabinet

Optional Items:

You may add the following items to complete your order:

  • UCM KNX, Z-Wave, C-BUS
  • Metal Cabinet
  • UCM Ethernet Module which can be used with Comfigurator for upload/download and with the Comfort Smart Phone Apps on iOS and Android 
  • Local & Remote Expansion Modules

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