Cytech Z-Wave Module

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Z-Wave is the wireless interoperable communication standard,with Z-Wave products from many manufacturers in the Z-Wave Alliance like MK Electric. Merten, Fibaro, ACT, Vitrum and many others (see )

The UCM/Zwave3 is a 2 way interface between Comfort and a Z-Wave network. This means that Comfort is able to send commands to control any Z-Wave device and a Z-Wave remote control or switch is able to send commands and status to Comfort. For example, a Zwave button or satellite switch to arm the security system, to trigger a Panic alarm or to activate a Response in Comfort.

Any change in the status of Zwave switches and dimmers can be updated instantly to Comfort thus allowing real time feedback status monitoring

Comfigurator maps Zwave virtual nodes to Comfort registers including:

  • Counters
  • Sensors
  • Outputs (On and Off) triggered by Zwave switch on/off status
  • Responses
  • Virtual Inputs – allows Zwave motion sensors to part of the security system
  • Arm Security System (Away, Night, Day, Vacation)
  • Activate Panic alarm

The module is also compatibe with Cytec Logic Engine.

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