HDL KNX 24-Channel Dry Contact Module


The HDL KNX 24-Channel Dry Contact Module is a 24 channel dry contact sensor module, which serves as a bridge between mechanical or electronic control outputs and the KNX bus system. The unit enables the control of diverse targets, like dimmers, curtains, shutters, bells, etc.

1. Multiple control targets

The HDL KNX 24-Channel Dry Contact Module M/S24.1 is capable of controlling scenes, sequences, switching, threshold levels, bells, 14 byte strings, curtains/shutters, and a multitude of other devices. Because the unit is capable of controlling such a variety of devices it can be regarded as truly multifunctional.

2. Dimming

This multifunctional module also supports dimming, and can increase or decrease the light intensity in a variety of situations. This feature is of great benefit as it is able to create different lighting atmospheres via the level of illumination.

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