HDL KNX 4-Channel 1.5A LE and TE Dimming Actuator

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The HDL KNX M/D04.1 is a MOSFET dimmer which supports both leading edge and trailing edge dimming. Control over inductive, resistive, and capacitive loads is possible, or the modules on-board manual buttons.

Different load Types

Both leading and trailing edge modes are able to be used on the HDL KNX M/D04.1. The leading edge supports both Inductive loads and resistive loads, while the trailing edge supports capacitive loads and resistive loads. This enables the operation of incandescent bulbs, motors, and dimmable LED lamps.


To prevent damage to the system and unit, a variety of protective features are included. With an overheat sink, electronic short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat power reduction protection, and a temperature alarm, safety is guaranteed.

Scene Recovery

When the dimmer has been powered off, it is able to automatically restore the last scene used when powered on again. This gives the user a system that remembers their previous scene, and requires no further control.

Manual control

With manual control via four on board buttons, the end user is able to immediately manipulate the switching on & off, and dimming controls. This enables faster fault finding, and reduces the time taken during installation.

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