HDL KNX 5-In-1 Wide Detection Range Sensor

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The M-HS05.1-B is a 5 in 1 multifunction sensor, and is able to detect motion, Lux, temperature, dry contact, and external telegrams. The unit is able to control a diverse range of targets like, dimming, curtains, alarms, etc.

Multiple sensors in one

The Wide Detection Range sensor is able to detect temperature, movement, and brightness. It is also capable of handling dry contact and external telegram inputs. The module is able to control switches, dimming, shutters, alarms, scenes, etc.

Constant Illumination control

The Lux sensor enables a constant illumination level to be maintained. This is done by measuring the ambient light, and compensating any increase or decrease with dimmable room lighting.

Logic controlled applications

Up to five logic blocks can create multiple applications, a common application often created is for room management. If the room is occupied, the sensor detects movement, and will send commands to the HDL KNX/EIB system to activate the HAVC, TV, Music, etc., this automatically creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. If the room is vacant, the sensor will send commands to turn off all the appliances for maximum energy savings.

Dual working modes

With a master/slave mode and a single mode the sensor can be used on its own or in conjunction with other sensors. This ability is also of critical importance as it allows a user to add modules to extend an existing system. In allowing this flexibility and adaptability the installation can be tailored to the needs of the user.

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