HDL KNX 64-Channel DALI Controller

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The M/DALI.1 is a KNX DALI Dimming controller which supports communication between the HDL KNX BUS and the DALI BUS system. The module is capable of managing 64 DALI devices, and supports DALI fault detection, lamp fault detection, and ballast fault detection.

Fault detection

The module can support real-time fault detection, this allows the DALI system, Lamp system, and Ballast system to report their status to the KNX bus system. If a fault does occur users are notified allowing them to take prompt action.

Dual dimming curves

Both the “KNX standard curve” and “DALI standard curve” are able to be adjusted before being sent into the DALI ballast to provide linear intensity dimming. This ability gives more functionality and adaptability to the end user.


The module has its own built in short circuit protection and overload protection. These safeguards ensure a long service life, and prevent any potential damage to the unit and the system which it has been integrated into.

Multiple control targets

Multiple control targets are supported by the module, with a single KNX M/DALI.1 it is possible to achieve centralized control over scenes, sequences, staircase lights, emergency lights, etc.

Customizable run time

Each of the 32scenes that the module can control has an adjustable run time from 0.7 seconds to 90.51 seconds. This customization allows a user vast flexibility, and adaptability in their lighting solution.

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