HDL KNX Dry Contact 4-Channel Sensor


The HDL KNX M/S04 KNX Dry Contact 4-Channel Sensor supports 4 Dry Contact input channels, coupled with a temperature sensor, and can output 4 dimming channels or provide LED status indication. The module is able to support three work modes that enable a diverse range of targets to be controlled.

1. Triple working modes
Three work modes are available on the KNX Dry Contact 4-Channel Sensor, they are sensor control, logic control, and dimming control. Below a brief explanation of these modes are given:
• Sensor control mode enables 4 dry contact channels, or 4 temperature channels, to connect to other devices and control them. 4 channels of LED indicators outputs show the status.
• Logic control mode enables 4 logic input channels with AND, OR & NOT logic relations to control various targets. LED indicators outputs show the status of the 4 channels.
• Dimming control mode enables the manual input of 4 channels and 4 dimming channels output. These channels work with a 0-10V dimmer to control various lighting devices.

2. Dimming
This multifunctional KNX Dry Contact 4-Channel Sensor also supports dimming, and can increase or decrease the light intensity in a variety of situations. This feature is of great benefit as it is able to create different lighting atmospheres via the level of illumination.

3. Multiple control targets
With a single HDL KNX M/S04 module numerous devices and modules can be controlled. Devices which are commonly integrated with this module are switch controllers; switch/dimming controllers, PWM heating controllers, shutter controllers, flexible controllers, scene controllers, sequence controllers, percentage controllers, threshold controllers, string controllers, forced controllers, counter controllers, and combination controllers.

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