HDL KNX Dry Contact 8-Channel Sensor


The HDL-M/S08.1 is an 8CH Dry contact senor, which is able to control sensors, and logic controllers. The module can also control a diverse range of targets such as dimming controllers, curtain/shutter controllers, and switch controllers.

Dual working modes

Two work modes are available on the HDL KNX M/S08.1, they are sensor control, and logic control. Below a brief explanation of these modes are given:

  • Sensor control mode enables 8 dry contact channels, to be used independently.
  • Logic control mode enables 8 logic input channels with AND, OR & NOT logic relations to control various targets.


This multifunctional switch also supports dimming, and can increase or decrease the light intensity in a variety of situations. This feature is of great benefit as it is able to create different lighting atmospheres via the level of illumination.

Multiple control targets

With a single HDL KNX M/S08.1 module numerous devices and modules can be controlled. They are Switch controllers, Switch/Dimming controllers, PWM heating controllers, Shutter controllers, Flexible controllers, Scene controllers, Sequence controllers, Percentage controllers, Threshold controllers, 14 byte string controllers, Forced position controllers, Bell controllers, Counter controllers, Combination controllers, and Alarm controllers.

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