HDL KNX Intelligent DLP Switch 40-Fold EU – Black

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With an improved customizable LCD display, the HDL-M/DLP04.1-48 enables users to find information effortlessly. The HDL-M/DLP04.1-48 features a standard Europe sized backing plate, and 5 buttons.

Electronic icons and Labels

The new HDL-M/DLP04.1-48 has an improved LCD screen that is capable of displaying multiple icons and labels, which can be customized via an extensive up-datable icon and label library. Messages, device status, and percentage information can all be displayed enabling a user to find information effortlessly.

All in one

In a single HDL-M/DLP04.1-48 panel there are 5 different pages dedicated to the control of common automation systems. The following systems are included, 3 pages for lighting, one page for HVAC, and one page for floor heating. Each page can hold multiple targets enabling the user to take complete control over all aspects of their automation solutions, with one unifying HDL-M/DLP04.1-48.

Multiple control possibilities

The panel can also control devices via multiple methods, the methods of control most commonly applied are scenes, GPRS, sequences, time switches, universal switches, single channel adjustment, broadcast scenes, and broadcast channels.


The HDL-M/DLP04.1-48 panel is completely customizable, and has an extensive range of fascia colours, materials, and design choices available. This tailoring even extends to the LED button status indicators which have adjustable light intensity levels. The module can also be incorporated into a double panel installation, these customization options allow a user to have their exact requirements not only met, but exceeded.


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