HDL KNX Motor Controller 4-Channel 10A

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As a dedicated motor controller, the M/W04.10.1 is able to control each motor of a curtain, shutter or other compatible motor type via its relay function. The unit also has a settable running time, inching control and limit position control.

Safety and lower power consumption

Using magnetic relay output, the HDL-M/W04.10.1 can effortlessly control curtains or shutters. The motor has three modes; they are forward, reverse, and stop. The maximum current each channel can output is 10A, with a 16A magnetic launching relay enabling safety and lower power consumption.

Automatic control

Working with a Lux sensor, the model can control the curtains/shutters to open or close, based on the data points the Lux sensor sends to the HDL KNX bus system.

Safety control

The module can work with other sensors such as wind, rain, and temperature sensors to open or close curtains and shutters. A priority operation setting is included in the module so it can prioritize commands received; this enables efficient action to be taken when multiple data points are received at the same time.

Manual control

Manual control of the M/W04.10.1 is possible by simply opening or closing the curtain or shutter slightly. This manual control distance can be customized, enabling the system to meet the exact requirements of a user.


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