HDL KNX Panel Power Interface EU

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The HDL-M-PCI.1 is a new generation of coupler interface, with a backing plate designed especially for Europe. The panel can be mounted on any wall, and its colour coded plugs dramatically simplify the installation process.

Redesigned interface

The HDL-M-PCI.1 is a new generation UK standard power interface, it is able to supply DC power and communication signals to HDL KNX panels and sensors. The interface is specifically designed for the UK market as it has a backing plate matched to standard UK switch plates. This allows simple installation, with minimal modification to the exiting mount or wall.

Slip gap design

The slip gap design allows a user to quickly and easily separate the panel from the coupler interface. This minimizes installation time, and makes user servicing a possibility as no specialist tools or equipment are required.

Simple to install

The two colour coded plugs make the connection to the HDL KNX/EIB system practically fool proof, by simply connecting the colour coded wire to its matching plug the installation is complete. This simple commissioning allows a user to install the HDL-M-PCI.1 themselves, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Electrical Parameters:

-Working Voltage: 21-30V DC
-Control Interface: KNX/EIB
-Signal Interface: Panels or sensors
-KNX Cable: 0.6-0.8mm Diameter Single core



Product Information:

-Dimensions: 83.5 x 83.5 x 26.5(mm)
-Weight: 63.6(g)
-Housing Material: Flame Retardant Nylon
-Installation: GI Wall-BOX

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