HDL KNX Recess Mount PIR & Lux Indoor Movement Sensor – White

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HDL-KNX/EIB M/IS05.1-D MINI PIR and Lux Sensor a multi-functional movement sensor. It includes 4 independent logic blocks and 1 combined logic block. The logic relations “AND”, “OR” can be set. The logic input conditions contain the conditions of movement sensor, LUX and external conditions. According to different application requirements, the sensor can be configured as the master-slave mode or single mode.

Working power : 21~30VDC
BUS interface : KNX/EIB
Dynamic Current : < 15mA
Static Current : < 5mA
PIR Sensing range in diameter : 8m (install height-2.5m)
Dimensions : 63(Diameter)×46.6(mm)
Net weight : 43g

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