Kimessa Gas Monitor CANline 32+

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The universal KIMESSA CANline 32+ gas monitor has been designed to ensure safety of persons. The KIMESSA CANline 32+ gas detection control unit is a compact, economic evaluation unit, which is available in different versions and can handle up to 128 (4 loops with max. 32 sensors) measurement channels.

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Kimessa Gas Monitor CANline 32+

  • The CANline 32+ control unit displays the detector gas concentration with name and location.
  • The CANline 32+ may be connected to a total of 32 digital sensors along with 6 of relay cards.
  • 3 CANline-Bus-Expander cards may be connected for an additional 3×32 digital sensors inputs giving a total of 128 sensors
  • Maximum of 128 relays may be connected (6 Relay cards on the CANline 32+ and 3×6 relay cards on the CANline-Bus- Expander)
  • 4 off 4-20mA detector inputs provided
  • User-Friendly programming mode by Configuration-Software (Windows)
  • Integrated MODBUS RTU interface
  • The integrated timer may be used for periodic switching of relays, e.g., to activate local fans in the monitoring zones at set times in the day.
  • Different groups / zones may be programmed to specific relays.
  • Relay functions are fully programmable (e.g., Reset manual or automatic, Energised, De
  • Energised, NO/NC, max. ON time, etc.)
  • Wall or cabinet mounting (DIN-Rail enclosure option)
  • Integrated 24VDC power supply (230 VAC as option)
  • History (visible on display); the integrated alarm events and error messages are recorded.
  • CE and EMC compliance after EN:50270


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