Kimessa Combustible Gases and Vapours Gas Sensor (0-100 % LEL)

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The gas sensor KSPC 121 is used for the detection of explosive gas/vapour/air mixtures with a range of 0-100 % LEL.

The complete range of gases and vapours that the KIMESSA KSPC 121 can detect is provided in the Kimessa Detector Catalogue that can be downloaded here.

The principle of the measurement element used is based on the catalytic combustion caused by the detected gas/vapour/air mixture. The reaction heat that is released causes an increase in the temperature of the platinum wire to which the catalyst is attached. The current flowing through the platinum wire increases, and is proportional the measured gas concentration up to approx. 10 Vol. % methane. The signal then reduces again as a result of the shortage of oxygen.

Depending on the use and the application, the required measurement element will be integrated into the measurement probe, i.e., various measurement elements are available, which must be taken into account when replacing them.

The potentiometers and the 3.5 mm jack connection for the calibration are accessible from the outside, and permits a “one-man” calibration.



KIMESSA has set itself the goal to produce and distribute quality and technically advanced gas monitoring systems. Extremely easy to maintain, KIMESSA’s latest generation of devices have achieved a leading technological position worldwide.

KIMESSA is specialised in fixed gas monitoring and control systems.

All of KIMESSA’s products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and exported worldwide. KIMESSA is certified to ISO 9001 manufacturing in accordance to the critical high quality requirements of Directive 94/4/EC (ATEX) for Ex products.

While the Swiss market is served directly by KIMESSA, KIMESSA successful worldwide export market is supported by a fully trained network of professional partners.

The certificates confirm the fundamental philosophy behind the establishment of KIMESSA AG in 1985 with a goal: to inspire you with high quality and innovative products.

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