LUPUSEC – XT1 Plus Wireless Alarm System Starter Kit

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LUPUSEC – XT1 Plus Wireless Alarm System Starter Kit

The LUPUS – XT1 Starter kit comes complete with the following:

XT1 Plus Control Panel
1x Wireless Magnetic Contact for doors or windows
1x Wireless Movement Sensor for any indoor area

You can expand the XT1 Plus Wireless Starter Kit with additional sensors and optional extras such as Lupus CCTV Cameras, Philips Hue Lamps, IKEA Smart Lamps and other ZigBee compatible home automation devices (relays, dimmers, thermostats, etc).

The XT1 Plus Wireless Security and Home Automation System offers the following main features:

  • Combines three worlds: home security, video surveillance and smart home.
  • Quick configuration and access via browser, smartphone or tablet via mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Sends alarms alerts via E-mail & push notifications*
  • One central interface to secure your home, control the status of your windows and doors and check the live images of your cameras
  • Easy installation and setup

*The LUPUS – XT1 Plus does not support notifications via GSM SMS. For this feature refer to LUPUS – XT2 Plus.

LUPUS XT1 Plus. The professional smart home alarm system for anyone.

The new LUPUS XT1 Plus offers professional protection and features the most extensive smart home equipment, as well as, video surveillance solutions. The XT1 Plus allows you to connect up to 80 alarm sensors, 4 IP Cameras and many smart home devices. The door contacts and motion detectors allow you to secure your home around the clock. Via the smartphone app you are informed immediately if someone enters or leaves your home. Thus, you and your home are always protected.

Protects you as well as your home.

The XT1 Plus does not only protect against burglars, but is a holistic alarm system. The system can be equipped with sensors that protect against smoke/fire, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO²), water leakage and medical emergencies. Thus, you and your home can cope with any threads, since you are immediately be informed via push notifications and email. (GSM SMS is not supported. For SMS support please see Lupus XT2.)

lupusec android app
Be always connected to your home – that is the XT1

The XT1 Plus does not only help you to protect your property, it is also practical, since you can control your complete home. The last one who leaves turns of the lights? No problem due to the automatic light control of the XT1 Plus. You can connect your connectable lights from Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, or Ikea with just a single click and create automatic processes: e.g. to switch off all your lights when you leave your home. Of course, you can also expand this by closing your shutters and reducing the temperature of your radiators simultaneously.

The XT1 Plus meets the highest demands in terms of data security. Every connection to the XT1 Plus uses a 256bit TLS 1.2 encryption. The alarm panel, as well as, every sensor is protected against internal or external tampering.

Complete protection and still easy to use and easy to install.


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