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lupuThe LUPUS – XT2 Plus Wireless Main Panel offers the following main features:

  • Combines Wireless Security, CCTV* and Home Automation* in a single system
  • Allows quick configuration and full control via web browsers, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets (LUPUSEC Android and iOS App)
  • Sends alarm messages via SMS, phone call, push notifications and E-mail. For a SMS and phone call notifications an active SIM card with GPRS plan is required.

*Expand the system with optional extras such as Lupus CCTV Cameras, Philips Hue Lamps, IKEA Smart Lamps & other ZigBee compatible home automation devices (relays, dimmers, thermostats, etc).

LUPUS-XT2 Plus. Alarm panel. Video surveillance. Smart home system. Simple and secure.

The new LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus is an innovative burglar alarm, smart home, and video surveillance system that is reliable, easy to use, and extremely versatile. It is the operating system for your building.

The new XT2 Plus is very easy to install. You do not need any constructional alterations to protect your building against intruders or other risks. The alarm panel can control your heating, lights, shutters, and other electronic devices. Additionally, you can integrate your cameras, view their live stream, and, thus, immediately discover the source of an alarm.

The 256bit SSL encryption of the LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus guarantees that your data connection is secured against intruders.

lupusec smart home funktionen

LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus is a professional and secure alarm system.

The LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus protects your building against burglars. You can connect up to 240 alarm sensors wirelessly to the XT2 Plus. The high quality LUPUSEC alarm sensors will alarm you at the first sign of an attempted burglary.

Additionally, alarm sensors against other hazards, such as fire, water, gas, and emergencies are available. Alarms, e.g. of the smoke detector, can immediately be send to your smartphone. Thus, you are warned in time to save your life or, if you are away from home, to react instantly before any real damage has occured.

Simple and secure. That’s the new LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus.

LUPUSEC XT2 Smarthome Alarmanlage

LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus: a revolutionary smart home alarm system.

The LUPUSEC-XT2 is the perfect operating system for your home. You can automatically control your lights, shutters, and electronic devices. The simple and intelligent software allows you to easily control all functions of your home.

For example, when you arm your XT2 Plus alarm panel and leave your home in the morning, you can program that your heating is automatically turned down and your standby devices are switched off. Every day, your alarm panel will automatically execute the programmed functions – you do not need to manually bother with them again. Thus, you save money and protect the environment.

The possible applications for home automation are only limited by your imagination. Do you want to water your garden based on a schedule? Do you want to simulate that your house is occupied while you are on vacation by automatically switching your lights on and off and opening and closing your shutters? All that and many more things are possible with the LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus.

LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus is very easy to use.

Wherever you are, you can access and control all functions of your LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus from your computer, tablet, or smartphone via your browser or APP. A 256bit SSL encryption is supported as well.

Do you want to check your alarm panel while on the road? Do you want to change the temperature in your rooms? Do you want to switch on your outdoor lighting? Do you want to check if all your doors and windows are closed? No problem, just one click on your smartphone is enough to access your alarm panel.


Die LUPUSEC Android und iPhone APP
Control your home while on the road – that’s the LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus.

In case of an alarm, your XT2 Plus will immediately notify you, e.g. via push notification, email, SMS, or phone call. Additionally, you can forward your alarms to a security service center. This is possible via your internet connection or the integrated GSM module.

The integration of video surveillance systems and IP cameras of LUPUS-Electronics and various other manufacturers into your XT2 Plus alarm panel is possible. Thus, in case of an alarm, you are able to check your building and locate its source at once. Simple and secure. That’s the new LUPUSEC-XT2 Plus.

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