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GSM-350 / GSM-350 PG2 is a GSM communication module. It supports remote operation and event reporting via SMS. For properties without land-based telephone lines, the GSM-350 / GSM-350 PG2 is essential. It extends the control panel functionality to any site, such as homes with VoIP-based telephony, anchored boats and isolated vacation houses. The module is internal and fits in thePowerMax and PowerMaster systems, so no additional external elements are needed. The integrity of the backup communication channel is ensured through continuous monitoring.

In addition, the GSM-350 / GSM-350 PG2 can be optionally used to connect the PowerMax and PowerMaster alarm system to an alarm receiving central station. The module can report via GPRS data channel and/or through the GSM network. This enables a high-speed and highly reliable communication channel in the event of line failure or tampering with the standard telephone lines.
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  • PIR with Pet-Immune
  • Glass-Break Detectors
  • Flood Detectors
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  • GSM Module

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