X-10 DIN Rail Dimmer

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The LD11 X-10 DIN rail dimmer is a 700W receiver module that serves as a remote controlled dimmer. Mounted on the DIN rail in the mains distribution box, it dims/switches hard-wired circuits with several wall switches (e.g. living room lighting). It is designed to operate with 230V and 12V lighting including halogen. The LD11 can be turned on/off, and brightened/ dimmed either by an X-10 controller or by external momentary action switches connected to terminal 2 (maximum connected cable length is 30 metres). The LD11 responds to STANDARD X10 protocols: “All lights on” or “All units off” from any X-10 controller set to its house code, regardless of unit code. Or alternatively, by individual unit control using “On”, “Off”, “Bright” and “Dim”. The LD11 also responds to Extended X-10. Combined with the memory dim feature, the LD11 can change the room lighting instantly or progressively. This unit is especially designed for scene lighting where very often the lighting is 12V halogen, commonly used in living room, study/reading rooms.

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