Clipsal C-Bus eDLT Wall Switch, Saturn Style, 5 Button, Colour: Ocean Mist

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The C-Bus Enhanced Dynamic Labelling Technology (eDLT) wall switch builds on the success of the C-Bus DLT switch by enhancing existing features and providing a huge range of new features. With its enhanced ability to control and monitor C-Bus devices, the eDLT offers a range of installer and user benefits previously available only on touchscreen controllers.

The physical installation process uses a mounting plate (supplied with the product) that is screwed to a standard wall box or bracket after the wall is lined/plastered. The plate uses standard 84mm mounting centres. The eDLT switch attaches to the mounting plate using Neodymium magnets that are embedded into the grid of the eDLT. This allows for fast attachment and removal of the eDLT from the wall. If there is a requirement to ensure the eDLT cannot be easily removed from the wall, the eDLT can be screwed to the mounting plate as a security feature. The eDLT offers a quick-terminate C-Bus fly lead (supplied with the product) that allows the termination the C-Bus Cat5e cable into a terminal block that has a quick-fit plug that attaches to the eDLT. The quick-terminate fly leads and mounting plates can be purchased separately in packs so they can be installed ahead of time, even before the eDLT is purchased.

The eDLT provides control and monitoring of up to 16 devices across 4 pages (4 devices per active page). Each device is controlled by a dual-action button that can provide two different control functions, depending upon which side of the button is pressed and the amount of time the button is pressed.

The left-right button functionality can be used for easy up/down dimming of a light and can also be used to cycle through fan speeds (forward or backwards) or through scenes that are stored in the eDLT. When the desired scene appears, the user needs only to stop cycling through the scenes and a moment later, the scene will activate. This feature also applies to cycling through preset radio stations when using C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA).

The eDLT provides a widget on the screen adjacent to each of the dual-action buttons. The widget can contain a number of visual elements that enhance the user experience. A fixed label is set when the eDLT is configured. A dynamic label can change based on changing status on the C-Bus network. The text for each label can be located left, right or centre on the widget.

Dynamic labels can display the reading from a connected C-Bus device that uses the Measurement Application such as temperature from a temperature sensor. Other readings, such as power use, and even rainfall, can be displayed using this application. The readings can be displayed on the eDLT along with a label and other useful information such as prefix or suffix text.

A range of complimentary icons is also provided and they can optionally be applied to the left side of each widget. Some of the icons are dynamic, that is, they change state if the controlled device changes state. The widget can also display the level of the controlled device with an actual value (percentage) or with a graphical slider presentation instead of the dynamic text label.

The switch is available in Ocean Mist White  Glass Colour.

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