HDL IntelliCenter complete with Iridium Lite Advanced License (80 Subdevices)

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The HDL IntelliCenter can work as a KNX gateway, an HDL Buspro gateway, or the gateway translates between these two protocols.

However, it’s not only a gateway, it’s also an Iridium Lite server. A server that allows you to access and control your system both locally and remotely. It provides the possibility to schedule events, define and run routines and macros.

It gives you a truly integrated smart experience.

Working voltage : 12~30VDC
Power consumption : 2.5W max
Communication : RJ45, HDL Buspro, KNX Bus
Operation system : iRidium Server software
Dimension : 72×95×61(mm)
Weight : 0.25Kg

The HDL IntelliCenter includes the iRidium Lite Advanced license which:

  • supports maximum 80 subdevices*
  • allows visualisation for remote connection
  • has no limitation to the number of connected control panels (i.e. number of mobile and tablet devices)

*A subdevice is a functional object (for example, 1 subdevice = 1 relay channel or 1 channel of HDL KNX dimmer). Sensors are not considered subdevices and they won’t be calculated under the subdevices license.

The price does not include configuration and programming which are required and can be provided at an additional cost.



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