HDL KNX Timer Actuator 4-Channel Master-Slave


The HDL KNX M/TM04.1 is a high performance timer controller, with a built-in real time clock (RTC). The module supports a master-slave functionality, and various time schedules such as year, month, and week etc. A range of different target control functions are available such as switching control, shutter control, and sequence control.

Built in long running RTC

The Timer Actuator has a built in RTC (Real Time Clock) with independent power source. If the HDL KNX M/TM04.1 experiences a power outage, its reserve battery can supply the timer system with electricity for over 6 months.

Master and Slave mode

Each Timer Actuator has two different modes, Master mode and Slave mode. The master mode sends a timer signal through the KNX/EIB repeatedly at a user defined interval. Multiple Timer Actuators then configure the slave mode, enabling it to synchronize with the master device.

Programmable Schedules

Four different programmable channels are available, and each channel has an independent schedule. This allows you to select the year, month, week, day, time, or special day, on which you wish the event to take place.

End-user interaction

The Timer Actuator can be enabled/disabled/or modified via the modules preconfigured schedules. The actuator has a clear 128×64 LCD display, and6 push buttons to facilitate simple system modification, and trouble shooting.

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