HDL KNX Wall Mount Outdoor Microwave Movement Sensor

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The HDL-M/WS05.1-A WS 5L Sensor includes 4 independent logic blocks and 1 combined logic block, the logic relation can be “AND” “OR” , logic input conditions can be the condition of LUX sensor, microwave sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, dry contact, external telegram.

Built-in LUX sensor, microwave sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, dry contact, external telegram.

■ The multi-function motion sensor have 5 logic function blocks and can be set the logical relation AND/OR, Each with 10 output objects. The work mode include single mode and Master & Slave mode.

■ The multi-function motion sensor can report movement status, Lux status to KNX system.

■ The multi-function motion sensor supports constant bright- ness output.

■ It can controls for Switch control, Absolute dimming control, Shutter control, Alarm control, Percentage control , Se- quence control, Scene control, String(14 bytes) control, Threshold control, Logic combination.

■ With function of constant brightness: keep the Lux in the constant value, will dim the lights to the corresponding intensity according to the surrounding brightness.

■ The logic validity can be set by external telegram, enable end-user to enable or disable the preset logics.

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